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Blog Title: Married to Moses

About Me: My husband  is working out of the country, leaving me to raise our two sons on my own. It’s not easy, but I’m willing to make sacrifices so that my husband can follow the Lord’s call.

Intended Audience: Wives with husbands who work out of town, occupy positions of high authority, work for a cause. Wives who accept coming in second sometimes to their husband’s career.

Blog Excerpt:

One of Those Days

Days like today make me wonder why I married a hero. Our oldest son Gerry has a virus and spent the entire day throwing up, while our other son Eli, clung to my legs like sand on wet feet. I didn’t have a moment of alone time.

Thankfully, they are asleep now, but I’m exhausted. I would love to have shared the load with someone else today –like my husband. But the boys and I are in Midian, my home country, while Moses is in Egypt,negotiating with Pharaoh to save the Israelites.

On nights like these, I like to reminisce about better times in our marriage, like the time we first met. I first saw Moses at the town well, which supposedly bodes well for a  relationship. My sisters and I tried to draw water from the well for our father’s flock, but some other shepherds started harassing and taunting us.

Moses stood up to the shepherds and forced them to flee. He was magnificent –so strong and brave. My hero!

This memory reminds me that the same reason I fell in love with Moses is the same reason I’m alone now. He makes me proud and frustrated all at once. Is he the only husband capable of evoking such conflicting emotions?

What can I do but stay strong and do the best I can in raising our sons? God called Moses to lead His people, as Moses’ wife, I will do my part by keeping the home fires burning.


And so it ends –not with a bang but with a whimper. I had hoped to finish the challenge with a real creative humdinger of a blog post, but settled instead for a short post about the wife of Moses. I didn’t even tackle the incident where she circumcised her son and saved Moses from God’s wrath.

If Zipporah ever does go there in her blog, I imagine it will ignite a fire of controversy and a storm of angry comments, like this one –

Anonymous                                                                  Mystery Man

How could you do that to your own child? He could have gotten an infection! Don’t you care about your child’s health?

So maybe I’ll re-visit Zipporah’s blog in the future. I do plan to continue, what I have dubbed, The Bible Blogger Series. (Got a better name? I want to hear it!) I’m not sure yet whether it will be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly feature. I’ve enjoyed writing them and still have ideas for other characters that I didn’t get a chance to write during the challenge.

I want to thank everyone for reading and following! And an even bigger thank you to those who commented faithfully –you guys kept me going this entire month and without you I would have run out of steam way back at ‘K’!

Monday I will have a final post to wrap up the challenge complete with shout-outs, acknowledgements, and links! Now that will be a real humdinger of a post!