Brother John

Here is my response to this week’s See*Photo*Write Challenge at 1st Writes:

John’s words startled the serenity surrounding the Sieur de Monts Spring. “Now that Mother is gone, I can finally put you where you belong.”

Elizabeth’s attention was elsewhere as it usually was. John had spent a lifetime dealing with his sister’s flights of fancy. For years John had suffocated under the weight of caring for his mentally ill sister. In a few hours, he’d be free; he’d finally be able to breathe.

Bull frogs along the bank croaked; crickets chirped; insects buzzed. A luminous fog veiled the water’s surface. John had been waiting for the opportunity to commit his sister to a mental institution. Now that the moment had arrived, he felt no reservations.

“Are you sleeping? Are you sleeping, brother John? Brother John,” Elizabeth’s childlike voice singsonged.

Despite the heat of the day, John felt chills creep down his spine. Before he knew what was happening, Elizabeth swung her parasol at him, knocking him into the water. Sputtering and choking, he rose above the surface only to be pushed back down by his sister’s surprisingly strong hand.

“Morning bells are ringing; morning bells are ringing…” Were the last words John heard before his lungs filled with water.

See*Photo*Write Challenge Response

A few captions popped into my head when I first saw this photograph:

  • Garfield vs. Nermal
  • The first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club.
  • Furry Tale Theater presents David vs. Goliath

A different dialogue developed as I looked more closely at the photo.

“Hey, buddy! Long time no see!” The orange tabby cat stood on his hind legs and opened his fore legs wide in a welcoming gesture.

“I know it, brother!” The smaller gray tabby kitten rose up on his hind legs and spread his tiny paws. “Where you been hidin’?”

“Oh, you know — here and there.” The two cats quickly hugged, well more like bumped chests, and dropped down to all fours.

“Not goin’ to give up your sweet spot, uh?”

“Not a chance.”