I’m a Confirmation Mentor

I have the honor and privilege of mentoring a confirmation student this fall. Our meetings began last night and will run through December. I debated on whether or not to write about the experience. Ultimately, I’m so excited that I can’t help but write about it.

After just one night, I’m so impressed with my student’s dedication and eagerness to learn more. She’s insightful and not afraid to ask questions. I pray God equips me with the right words when she comes to me with her inquiries.

Undoubtedly the confirmation process will be an education for me as well. Although I went through confirmation classes and was confirmed, that was 21 (oh my! 21!) years ago. I could use a refresher course!

The two things I remember most from my confirmation experience:

  • Sitting in a little office inside the priest’s house that was wedged directly between the Catholic school and church I attended, I was speaking to the confirmation leader about the Holy Spirit. She asked me if I could define it, and I couldn’t find the right words, but I could feel the Holy Spirit within me. My chest seemed to expand and fill with something beautiful and tears clouded my eyes. This was the first deep spiritual experience of my life, at least that I can recall.
  • Sitting cross-legged on the floor of an old monastery trying to concentrate on reading the Bible, but obsessing over ‘Tony’, the very cute football player who was also on the confirmation retreat.

What I remember most from last night’s confirmation session:

The ‘Dynamite’ Verse – Romans 10:9-10 [Ten:Nine-Ten]

If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

I’m always looking for ways to memorize scriptures and the ‘TNT’ acronym works for me.