8 Writing-themed Halloween Costumes

For my daughter’s Halloween party at preschool, my daughter was an adorable Scooby-Doo and I dressed in a super-cute giraffe costume, kindly loaned to me by Dawn @ The Write Soil. Exhibit A –

As I paraded down the hall, feeling silly and very mommy-like, I imagined hosting an adult writer’s costume party, where guests come in writing-themed costumes, not literary character costumes, but dressed as a writer or as something specifically writerly.

8 Writing-themed Halloween Costumes:

  • Nothing screams ‘writer’ to me more than a typewriter.

(Okay, you got me! She doesn’t ‘scream’ writer, but she does give specific tips on making a typewriter costume.)

  • Except, a book might scream writer too! I like these two costumes I found on Google images (since I couldn’t find photo credits, if either of these ladies see this and want the pictures removed let me know, but I do give you mad credit for serious creativity!

How cool would it be to go to a party wearing your very own book cover?!

  • A modernist writer – When I think ‘writer’ I picture a woman in black-rimmed glasses, dressed mainly in black with a scarf wrapped around her neck. In one hand she holds a cigarette and in the other she holds a tumbler of amber whiskey. Sometimes I’m tempted to step in to her shoes (black flats) and try writing as her, but I don’t smoke, can’t stand the taste of alcohol and thanks to my faith, believe that love can conquer all and death is not the end. I can dress like a modernist on the outside, but lack the emptiness of the modernist inside.


  • A journalist – Notepad and pen in hand with a camera bag slung over my shoulder – Voila!


  • Mark Twain – Not terribly original, but like a ghost or skeleton at a regular Halloween party, Mark Twain’s got to be a staple at a writing-themed costume party!

  • Edgar Allan Poe – Again, not terribly original, but a staple! No Halloween costume party is complete without a witch, or in this case, an Edgar.

  • Emily Dickinson – A long white cotton or flannel nightgown with my hair pulled back in a bun – Hey, I frequently dress as Emily Dickinson on chilly winter nights before bed! I wonder if I’ve ever scared hubby as the ghost of Emily Dickinson?


  • Francine Pascal – A blond wig and a gold necklace! Easy peasy and classy! And if you are a fan of Francine’s, please click on the link and read the interview!


So, everyone is invited to my Virtual Writers Halloween Costume Party! Who are you coming as? Share your costume ideas!


ETA: After I posted, I found a Halloween Blog Hop hosted by suspense writer, Jeremy Bates . I decided to ‘hop’ into the Hop because my novel is supernatural suspense and I realized I don’t follow very many blogs by suspense writers, so this is an opportunity to change that!

I just need to add one thing to this post to take part in the Halloween Hop, my favorite horror movie, which I am happy to share isĀ The Watcher in the Woods.

Spooky, thrilling, and spine-tingling without blood and guts. Also? Bette Davis. ‘Nough said.