Playdough is versatile!

Kelli at The Unexpected Education, Murees at Daily Drama of an Aspiring Writer, and Lucy at Lucy Adams have all awarded me:



Thank you Kelli, Murees and Lucy!

As a recipient of this award, the rules suggest I thank the person (in this case persons) who gave me the award and link back to them in my post, as well as do the following:

  • Tell us seven things about yourself
  • Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers
  • Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received an award

7 Things you might not have known about me:

  1. I’m a vegetarian.
  2. I’m raising my daughter as a vegetarian.
  3. I have two cocker spaniels (Dowo, 13, all black) and (Gus, 8, all white with brown freckles).
  4. The Wizard of Oz scared me as a child. It was a toss up as to which was more terrifying -a tornado or the wicked witch.
  5. So my parents told me tornados were impossible in WV; consequently, I believed tornadoes were a meteorological impossibility in WV until I was in my twenties.
  6. My least favorite chore is ironing! I absolutely hate it!
  7. I get car sick even on short trips, like to the grocery store!

And The Award Goes To…

It’s been several weeks, maybe even months, since I was notified by these generous and fabulous bloggers that I’d received this award and in that time I have barely had time to visit my regular blogs let alone find 15 new ones! So I’m breaking the rules and passing this award along to blogs I’ve been visiting regularly. I’m just passing along the award, though, and not the obligation. Should you wish to pass the award along, please do so with whatever rules you want or with no rules at all!

The Write Soil – For versatility in creativity.

No Clever Craft – For versatility in crafting

Tossing It Out – For versatility in content.

Mercy’s World – For versatility in menu options.



Back to Bloggy Business

Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Nominations

Right before and during the A-Z Challenge I was honored with three awards:

This blog was awarded to me by my friend, critique partner and blogging buddy, Dawn at The Write Soil.   Here are Dawn’s kind comments about my blog:

I love the honesty in your posts. Each day, I check to see if you have a new one up (no pressure!). My favorites are Saving Cinderella (I laughed and cried!) and This isn’t Alice in Wonderland (about your grandmother’s Alzheimer’s). Your stories on Alzheimer’s, Running, and Motherhood are lovely.

I am very touched and honored by your words, Dawn! I love the creativity and fun in your writing exercises. I especially like the writing exercises featuring the characters in your book, which I am hooked on even though I’ve only been privileged to read bits and pieces.

Alana at Writercize also awarded me The Lovely Blog Award. This is what Alana had to say about my blog:

Brianna blogs about running, parenting and writing in a manner that is always engaging and vulnerable (which, lest you misunderstand, is by no means naive – for she is published and quite wise – rather to say charming and raw).  You feel instantly like a long-lost friend who is privileged to know her thought processes and emotions, especially as they pertain to the very self-aware task of writing.

Thank you, Alana! As Alana also shared in her Kudos Post,we were one of each other’s first followers. Before the challenge actually started, I saw ‘Writercize’ on the linky list and fell instantly in love with the name. I immediately clicked on it. After visiting Alana’s fun and smart blog, I also clicked on the follow button. I really enjoy writercizing!

After graciously and gratefully accepting The Lovely Blog Award, I would like to pass it on to the following four blogs:

No Clever Craft

She claims to be a craftless crafter, but she is anything but craftless. Currently finishing up her PhD. and working as a teacher, i.ikeda is also a mother to an adorable two and half year old little girl. It’s amazing how she makes time to do crafts with her daughter. i.ikeda can draw, paint, sew and more. I truly envy her craftiness. She inspires me to make the time to craft with my daughter, to spend quality time together, and also, to do something that I really want to do, but never make a priority. Thank you, momma, for helping me keep my priorities straight as I endeavor in this blogging journey.

Some of my favorite crafts –

  • C is for Cute – N. is adorable in this post. I love the umbrella picture collage.
  • Memory Keeping – I love the idea of writing notes to my daughter for her to read later.
  • Recyclables – A craft I can really do!
  • Sewing Skirts – A craft I wish I could do!
  • I also have to mention her work with watercolors. She’s sharing how to make Watercolor Cards at The Caffeine Coquette right now. I really want to try making these for Mother’s Day (for the grandmothers).

Unnumbered Words

RG Pyper is a talented writer. It’s obvious in the way she writes with imagery and flare in every blog post. Some of my favorite unnumbered words:

A dessert is a flamboyant thing. Always reminds me of the roaring decadence of a pre-depression America. Young drunkards swinging from chandeliers. Women hiking up their skirts, bobbing their locks and generally pretending that the wealth and freedom of the moment will never depart. D is for Doppio

A childhood rich in luscious mud-pudding pies did helplessly instill in me the love of nature. F is for Farm

It was a warm, sticky mud. Smooth and shiny as chocolate frosting. Dark as the Sudanese. F is for Farm

word it. write it. work to light it. will-strong Writers we ignite it. W is for Words

Blush of Dawn

Reading Jade’s blog is like reading a cherished devotional book on a windy deck overlooking the ocean as the sun rises over the water. I immediately feel at peace when I visit. The colors are so soft and soothing, but it’s the content in her posts which speak calming, hopeful and inspiring words to me and put me in quiet meditative state.

  • An Angel’s Advice on Acceptance …be sure to let go of perfectionism, which is an illusion in this world.  In time, holding onto hope, love will lift you as you rise.
  • Home: A Three Part Experimental Poem -still awake, a simple cotton sheet cloaks me in.coconut cream, strong and smooth, brings me mismatched dreams.
  • Kindling the Inner FireThere are days when we feel cold and uninspired.  We may sit and think of a thousand things that are wrong, or just feel quietly sad, and have no desire to write, create, or pray.  During these times, it helps to remember our inner spark, no matter how small it feels.
  • Up and DownThe little child next to me leaps up and down on the kneeling bench.  Up and down, up and down he goes.

Lucy Adams

What can I say about Lucy’s blog, except that it’s just plain awesome? I love how she handled blogging literary terms from a-z. It was educational, engaging, and entertaining! I loved the story of Netty, a southern lady with sass! I encourage everyone to settle down with a nice cup of tea and read Lucy’s A-Z posts from start to finish. Some teasers to whet your appetite!

  • Behind her front door, however, hid haunting secrets of her other side.
  • I’m tellin’ you that girl goin’ down a slippery slope. Slippery slope gone lead to a muddy pit. Muddy pit gone make for a messy situation. Messy situation gone make me lose my job.
  • The envelope held answers; it held secrets. A whispered, hoarse voice urged her to rip open the truth and let it out.
  • And instead of telling me or daddy the truth you crawl in the church freezer during Lou Ellen’s bridal brunch.

Kenda at The Caffeine Coquette honored me with this award because according to her the design of my blog is smooth and the content is rich. High praise indeed from a professional blog designer! Kenda has also given me an opportunity to post a monthly running article at The Caffeine Coquette.

As I mentioned earlier, No Clever Craft is also a network writer.

The Caffeine Coquette is a great resource blog for mothers and bloggers.


Thank you to Deirdra from A Storybook World for the Powerful Woman Writer Award. Deirdra did a wonderful job giving support to A-Z Challenge participants.

Elizabeth Mueller stopped by at the end of the A-Z Challenge with this award! How cool is that? I think it’s an awesome way to support the participants of the challenge and I admire her dedication!

Of course, now that the challenge is complete, I can proudly post this badge –

In conclusion, thank you to Dawn, Alana, Kenda, Deirdra, Elizabeth and the hosts of the A-Z Challenge.

And don’t forget to visit i.ikeda, RG Pyper, Jade, and Lucy!