8 More Writing-Themed Halloween Costumes

One of my most popular posts last year was 8 Writing-Themed Halloween Costumes. So after some brain-storming I’ve come up with 8 more for this Halloween.

If I was going to a Halloween party as a writer, Janet Evanovich would be my first choice. I love her Stephanie Plum novels and re-read all 18 over the summer. A cute, short red wig, a black motorcycle jacket and black Converse sneakers make an easy Janet ‘costume’.

Another option would be to dress as Stephanie Plum – the title character of her ‘Plum’ novels. To become Stephanie, I’d wear a brunette curly wig, a fitted t-shirt, jeans and Converse sneakers. I’d complete the costume with a black shoulder bag filled with the essentials – hairspray, mascara, pepper spray and a stun-gun (with a dead battery). For the guys, Evanovich offers plenty of great characters to choose from – Joe Morelli – laid back cop; Ranger – sexy swat guy; Mooner –  stoned hippy; and don’t forget Sally Sweet – no words except Janet’s do Sally Sweet’s description justice :)

Another writer I adore, isn’t really a writer at all, she only played one on TV – Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Going to a party as Jessica Fletcher requires a classic trench coat, a silk scarf and an all-purpose pocketbook.

For this next idea, I’d use a plain white sheet, but not to make a ghost costume; I’d use it to make a blank sheet of paper.

Or instead of going as a blank sheet of paper, I could write my favorite excerpt from my novel on the sheet and go as my own manuscript.

A square cardboard box worn around my chest is ‘writer’s block’ -insert groan here :)

The simplest costume I came up with this year is ‘blogger‘. I’d wear whatever I wanted and just add my laptop bag.

And my final costume idea comes with the following disclaimer – I’ve never read this book! – 50 Shades of Grey. My costume for this book involves three shades of grey eye shadow, three shades of grey nail polish, grey hair extensions, grey layered clothing and a grey scarf. I’m sure this doesn’t do justice to what the book is actually about, but it’s a symbolic costume and what’s more writerly than symbolism?

A SiP [Scripture in Picture] of Spring – A Quasi A-Z Post

I’ve had a post about dandelions sitting in my ‘draft’ folder for a year. Today, which is the letter ‘D’ for the A-Z challenge, seemed like a good day to finally publish it.

I used to cringe whenever I saw a dandelion in my yard. Dandelions were the pimples on the face of my lawn. I weeded and fertilized but they kept popping back up.

And then my daughter took her first steps on the grass and immediately ran to study and touch the beautiful yellow ‘flowers’. The bigger she gets, the more she enjoys the ‘pretty flowers’. She picks bouquet after bouquet that sit brightly in my kitchen windowsill reminding me that God doesn’t make mistakes. I see dandelions in the light of childhood wonder and find myself appreciating everything God has created – even the ‘ugly’ parts.

Every dandelion raises it’s head to heaven, acknowledging God, the Creator of everything we see and don’t see.