Messages From Heaven Book Giveaway

From tales of people visiting Heaven and coming back, to dreams and visions, to clear messages, the stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages from Heaven (Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, LLC, February 28, 2012, 978-1935096917, $14.95) illustrate how accepting what may seem like the unbelievable can provide comfort and peace after a loss. The 101 stories of miraculous signs, amazing connections, and love that doesn’t die will comfort and encourage anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved family member or friend.

‘Strawberry Fields’ is my contribution to this amazing collection of encouraging, comforting and hope-filled stories. My story is about a dream and the beloved memory of walking barefoot through fields of strawberries with my Grandma Bone.

In honor of the letter ‘M’ in the A-Z Challenge, which I am participating in- just on two different blogs, I’m giving away a copy of Messages From Heaven. Simply leave a comment on this post to enter. Comments will close at midnight (eastern time) on Monday April, 16, 2012. I’ll draw a random name from the comments on Tuesday and announce the winner.

Congratulations to Alana from Writercize! Your book will be in the mail shortly!

My Planner = My Life

I’ve kept a planner since high school, but I didn’t know just how important my planner was to me until I had a dream…

Insert soft melodic music and fade to a gauzy scene:

It’s summer. We are on the lake. The sun shines brightly, sparkling on the water. My hubby is driving the boat. Sitting on the edge of the boat is my planner, which in reality has just experienced a minor make-over. (It’s a 5 1/2 x 8 1/2  black Franklin Covey binder with zipper closure and handles.) Anyway, my husband puts the boat in drive and the boat takes off. In the process, my planner falls into the water.

I freak! I yell at my husband to stop the boat, but it’s like he doesn’t hear me. He drives the boat faster. I run to the back of the boat and reach out, but my planner has disappeared from view.

Finally, hubby stops the boat and looks at me and says dumbly, “What?”

“You…you just lost my planner!”

“I’ll go back,” he says.

“Go back! It’s sunk. It’s gone. Gone forever.”

Back on shore, I storm towards our condo. Once we reach the condo, I pack my bags and move in with the group of college students living in the neighboring condo. I adjust surprisingly well to my new digs. I’m hanging out with my new gang when hubby shows up. He tries to apologize but I don’t want to hear it. I have one of the young college students drag him out of the condo. On the way out, hubby slips on the stairs and hits his head. I run to him to see if he’s okay, but he’s mad and shakes off my concern. As he walks away, I feel bad, but I also think to myself, “That’s what he gets for drowning my planner!”

End of dream.