Good Gracious, Goliath! (Another Quasi A-Z Post)

I feel like dancing! Well…not quite dancing. I’m a bad dancer. The first week of the A-Z Challenge is over and I’m still in it. I’m feeling stronger in my writing and creativity. I just might finish this thing after all and it’s all thanks to God’s inspiration.

Just to clarify…well more like to promote, I’m participating in the Challenge at Bible Bloggers, my blog of blogs written by Bible characters,¬†and at 1st Writes, my writer’s group’s blog. Over at 1st Writes, members, even non-blogging members, are sharing meditations on Proverbs. So far I’ve blogged about the letters ‘E’ and ‘G’ – E Is For Ear; G Is For Gracious.

While over at Bible Bloggers, Abigail, Bathsheba, Cornelius, Eve, Faith and Goliath have been busy blogging. By the way, if you like Bible Bloggers, consider ‘liking’ their Facebook page!

Finally, I wish you all a Blessed Easter Sunday!

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A-Z Insecurity Part 2

With the A-Z Challenge underway, my insecurities still abound. I’m second guessing myself a lot.

After last year’s Challenge, I think of the A-Z as a blogging marathon. Right now, I’m only at mile 4 with 22 miles to go and I’m wondering if I have the energy to finish. But that’s why I love Bible Bloggers! All my insecurities and doubts fade in the face of God’s Word. Every character reminds me that if I rely on God, I can do anything! I’m confident enough to publish my Bible Blogger posts because I’m writing them for God’s glory and not my own – just as Deborah recommends on today’s Bible Bloggers’ blog!

A SiP [Scripture in Picture] of Spring – A Quasi A-Z Post

I’ve had a post about dandelions sitting in my ‘draft’ folder for a year. Today, which is the letter ‘D’ for the A-Z challenge, seemed like a good day to finally publish it.

I used to cringe whenever I saw a dandelion in my yard. Dandelions were the pimples on the face of my lawn. I weeded and fertilized but they kept popping back up.

And then my daughter took her first steps on the grass and immediately ran to study and touch the beautiful yellow ‘flowers’. The bigger she gets, the more she enjoys the ‘pretty flowers’. She picks bouquet after bouquet that sit brightly in my kitchen windowsill reminding me that God doesn’t make mistakes. I see dandelions in the light of childhood wonder and find myself appreciating everything God has created – even the ‘ugly’ parts.

Every dandelion raises it’s head to heaven, acknowledging God, the Creator of everything we see and don’t see.

A-Z Insecurity

With the A-Z Challenge just weeks away, I must confess I’m a bit more than nervous. As of today, there are 942 blogs signed up to participate. Will Pocketful of Playdough be number 943? I just don’t know.

Last year I signed up for the challenge with just a little over a month of blogging under my belt. It turned out to be a wonderful learning experience. I met a lot of great bloggers and gained a lot of followers. But it was hard work.

Blogging everyday wouldn’t be as nerve-wracking if my entries were short and sweet, but my idea for this year’s challenge is complicated and would require research, which I have yet to begin. My intentions were to start early, but we all know what they say about best laid plans. I came up with the idea back in October and here it is March and I’ve only given my theme a few seconds thought –insert big heavy sigh here.

Perhaps I could sign up and figure out a simpler theme that would require no research, but then I’m not really challenging myself and I’ve failed before I even began. Since Christmas, it’s been a challenge just to blog once a week. How can I gain the confidence to take the leap and commit to blogging every day?

Actually, I’ve taken the leap with my other blog — Bible Bloggers, which came about as a result of last year’s challenge where I blogged every day as a different Bible character. I’m looking forward to doing that again because I gained a deeper and richer understanding of scripture. Writing those blogs expanded my creativity and enlightened my soul. I feel the need to continue the series in my heart, not just my head. My goal was to have a series of blogs by Bible characters written prior to the start of the challenge, and while I do have a slight head start, I’m nowhere near close to having those completed, which just adds to my insecurity about signing up Pocketful of Playdough.

At this point I believe I will continue to work on my Bible blogger entries. If I can finish them by the start of the challenge, then I will sign up Pocketful of Playdough, but if I haven’t finished, then perhaps it is best to not sign Pocketful of Playdough up. A-Z is a big enough challenge with one blog, let alone two!

Have you signed up for the A-Z Challenge? Have you written your entries? Do you have a specific theme in mind?

A Goodbye Post

My lack of updates might lead you to believe I’m saying goodbye to blogging, but that is definitely NOT the case. This post is to simply say goodbye to that little box on my sidebar with the lovely pictures of all my followers through Google Friend Connect. Tomorrow that box will no longer work on my WordPress blog :(

I would love to stay connected to all my Google followers and hope you will consider subscribing to Pocketful of Playdough via email or through Google Reader. Or perhaps you would consider bookmarking my blog and checking in with me from time to time.

Why would you bother since I haven’t been blogging regularly? Well, to celebrate my one year blogoversary (2-19-11) and the release of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Messages From Heaven in which my story, Strawberry Fields, is published; I’ll be offering readers a chance to win a copy of the book as well as sharing more background on my story and its journey to publication.

I will also continue to blog about writing and running and balancing these interests with my duties as a mother. It’s a constant struggle and right now, motherhood has taken a higher priority over writing, but I have faith that will change and balance will be restored.