8 More Writing-Themed Halloween Costumes

One of my most popular posts last year was 8 Writing-Themed Halloween Costumes. So after some brain-storming I’ve come up with 8 more for this Halloween.

If I was going to a Halloween party as a writer, Janet Evanovich would be my first choice. I love her Stephanie Plum novels and re-read all 18 over the summer. A cute, short red wig, a black motorcycle jacket and black Converse sneakers make an easy Janet ‘costume’.

Another option would be to dress as Stephanie Plum – the title character of her ‘Plum’ novels. To become Stephanie, I’d wear a brunette curly wig, a fitted t-shirt, jeans and Converse sneakers. I’d complete the costume with a black shoulder bag filled with the essentials – hairspray, mascara, pepper spray and a stun-gun (with a dead battery). For the guys, Evanovich offers plenty of great characters to choose from – Joe Morelli – laid back cop; Ranger – sexy swat guy; Mooner – ┬ástoned hippy; and don’t forget Sally Sweet – no words except Janet’s do Sally Sweet’s description justice :)

Another writer I adore, isn’t really a writer at all, she only played one on TV – Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote. Going to a party as Jessica Fletcher requires a classic trench coat, a silk scarf and an all-purpose pocketbook.

For this next idea, I’d use a plain white sheet, but not to make a ghost costume; I’d use it to make a blank sheet of paper.

Or instead of going as a blank sheet of paper, I could write my favorite excerpt from my novel on the sheet and go as my own manuscript.

A square cardboard box worn around my chest is ‘writer’s block’ -insert groan here :)

The simplest costume I came up with this year is ‘blogger‘. I’d wear whatever I wanted and just add my laptop bag.

And my final costume idea comes with the following disclaimer – I’ve never read this book! – 50 Shades of Grey. My costume for this book involves three shades of grey eye shadow, three shades of grey nail polish, grey hair extensions, grey layered clothing and a grey scarf. I’m sure this doesn’t do justice to what the book is actually about, but it’s a symbolic costume and what’s more writerly than symbolism?

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