Raising a Bible Reader

As adults we know how important it is to read the Bible frequently. In a recent sermon, our pastor asked –

“What if we treated our Bible like our cell phone?¬†What if we never left home without it?”

I thought of another question – what if our children saw us treating the Bible like we do our cell phones?

At 4 my daughter is too young to be reading the Bible, but she’s not too young to develop a connection with the Bible. Here are some ways I’m using to make that important connection:

  • I found that grouping my Bibles together and keeping them in a special place intrigues my daughter. Having Bibles of different sizes and colors creates curiosity and makes them fun to explore.
  • At this young age, the best way I can encourage Monkey’s interest in the Bible is to let her see me reading and enjoying the Bible on a regular basis, which is more incentive to read it often.
  • When I’m reading my Bible, Monkey often gets out her ‘Beginner’ Bible. Then together we read a story from her Bible aloud.
  • After we read out loud from her Bible, I give her some time to look through her Bible alone while I read from my Bible alone.
  • This time reading alone doesn’t usually last too long since Monkey is curious about what I’m reading, and asks for me to read to her from my Bible. I like to read a story to her from my Bible and then read the same story again from her Bible.

4 thoughts on “Raising a Bible Reader

  1. Hi Brianna! *hugs* It’s been too long!

    I love that picture there. It’s so beautiful.

    We keep small scriptures in a crystal bowl on our kitchen table–one for each of us. When we set the table for dinner, we put peppermint patties in the bowl with the scriptures, so when we’re done eating our food, we can feast on the words of Christ. (with a little something sweet to go along with it.

    We’ve been doing this for almost two years now and we love it. Helps us remember what our focus is in our family, we see the scriptures all day long as we’re going about our day, and they are RIGHT THERE for us during our dinner.

    I love what you are doing with your daughter, the reading time. That is perfect. I read somewhere that children who are raised with daily scripture reading become better readers. Makes sense to me–I can’t imagine a more perfect “first book” for our kids!

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