See*Photo*Write Challenge Response (Father’s Day Edition)

Daddy’s Girl

My daddy hung the moon, at least in my eyes. I love both my parents, but can’t deny a special fondness for my father.

Growing up, there was nothing my dad wouldn’t do for me or give to me, but it wasn’t until I was leaving for college that I remember him speaking the words, “I love you.” Oh, I knew without question my entire life that he loved me; he just wasn’t the type of guy to say it all the time. If I said those three little words to him, he grunted. To this day, he still grunts in response to words of affection, although he is more likely to return the sentiment in words now than when I was a child.

To avoid making my dad uncomfortable, I decided several years ago to share all my really mushy feelings and thoughts in an annual Father’s Day letter. It’s an almost perfect form of communication. Through my gift of writing, I get to tell my dad how much he means to me without worrying about his reaction.

Therein lies my one and only regret –that I never see or hear his reaction to what I’ve written.

So what are the questions I want to ask my father?

  • “How did my father’s day letters make you feel, Daddy?”
  • “Did they tell you how much I love you?”
  • “Did they touch your heart?”
  • Do you still have each letter?”


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3 thoughts on “See*Photo*Write Challenge Response (Father’s Day Edition)

  1. What a great idea, Brianna! Erin has done this same thing for her dad for his birthday and it really touches his heart. Many blessings!

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