A-Z Insecurity

With the A-Z Challenge just weeks away, I must confess I’m a bit more than nervous. As of today, there are 942 blogs signed up to participate. Will Pocketful of Playdough be number 943? I just don’t know.

Last year I signed up for the challenge with just a little over a month of blogging under my belt. It turned out to be a wonderful learning experience. I met a lot of great bloggers and gained a lot of followers. But it was hard work.

Blogging everyday wouldn’t be as nerve-wracking if my entries were short and sweet, but my idea for this year’s challenge is complicated and would require research, which I have yet to begin. My intentions were to start early, but we all know what they say about best laid plans. I came up with the idea back in October and here it is March and I’ve only given my theme a few seconds thought –insert big heavy sigh here.

Perhaps I could sign up and figure out a simpler theme that would require no research, but then I’m not really challenging myself and I’ve failed before I even began. Since Christmas, it’s been a challenge just to blog once a week. How can I gain the confidence to take the leap and commit to blogging every day?

Actually, I’ve taken the leap with my other blog — Bible Bloggers, which came about as a result of last year’s challenge where I blogged every day as a different Bible character. I’m looking forward to doing that again because I gained a deeper and richer understanding of scripture. Writing those blogs expanded my creativity and enlightened my soul. I feel the need to continue the series in my heart, not just my head. My goal was to have a series of blogs by Bible characters written prior to the start of the challenge, and while I do have a slight head start, I’m nowhere near close to having those completed, which just adds to my insecurity about signing up Pocketful of Playdough.

At this point I believe I will continue to work on my Bible blogger entries. If I can finish them by the start of the challenge, then I will sign up Pocketful of Playdough, but if I haven’t finished, then perhaps it is best to not sign Pocketful of Playdough up. A-Z is a big enough challenge with one blog, let alone two!

Have you signed up for the A-Z Challenge? Have you written your entries? Do you have a specific theme in mind?

4 thoughts on “A-Z Insecurity

  1. I’m so glad that we met last year at A to Z! I remember your wonderful posts about bible characters! I could barely handle one blog let alone two, and the thought of coming up with 12 posts in a week is quite daunting. Whatever works best for you will be the right decision.

  2. I loved your posts last year. I was really fortunate to have met you back then.

    I am not participating in the A-Z challenge this year, because my Freelance writing job has pretty much taken over my life. I would rather not do something halfway. If you feel that you can pull off the sweet and short stories then that should make things easier. But I am sure you know what will suit you and your time best.

    Good luck.

  3. I just saw that your name popped up in a newspaper article in Chambersburg! I was searching for news about blog challenges to see if A to Z had popped up anywhere, and there was a snippet that said “Renshaw.” I was so excited to see it!

    The article had expired, so I couldn’t read it, but just wanted to stop by and say – awesome!!!

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