Planning The Not So Perfect Christmas

Today I started organizing for the holidays.

My goals this season:

  • Focus on faith – Monkey is so excited for Santa Claus, but I want her to know the real reason for the season. She may not fully understand, but I want to plant the seed now. I’ve been waiting for years to having weekly prayer time around the Advent Wreath. My mom did this with us when we were kids and I look forward to doing it with Monkey.
  • Focus on family – Scheduling all the family activities I want to do is the only way to make sure they get done.
  • Focus on fun – I can’t let the stress of ‘To-do’ Lists overwhelm me and I can’t let financial stress overwhelm my hubby. Being on a tight budget makes buying gifts a stressful experience, but I’m hoping with careful planning and calm discussion we can avoid this particular stress.
  • Focus on tradition – My family has a lot of Christmas traditions that Monkey is finally old enough to appreciate. I’m looking forward to making the old traditions our own and making new ones together.

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