Shameless Self-Promotion

I’ve been a busy blogger-bee this week!

Interested in writing romance novels? Be sure and check out my post ‘A Call to Romance‘ @ 1st Writes!

Looking for a fun writing exercise? Be sure and check out my Guest post @ Writercize!

And since I’m already shamelessly promoting myself, if you missed it last week, Ali Cross featured me as a ‘Narley Ninja’!¬†Interested in my writing process? Be sure and check out this post!

Thank you to everyone from The Insecure Writer’s Support Group for your visits, your comments, and your encouragement, especially for The Tell-Tale Blog. You guys are awesomesauce!


I’ve also been a busy writing-bee for NaNoWriMo! ~3700 words, which is a slow start, but a start nonetheless!

By the way, if you are participating in NaNoWriMo, let’s be buddies —my NaNoWriMo Profile.

See? More shameless self-promotion! *laughs uncomfortably* Actually, I just want to take this opportunity to complie a list of my readers and fellow bloggers who are taking part so that I can offer my support throughout the month. Leave a comment if you are participating officially or unofficially so I’ll be sure to visit and cheer you on this month.

And feel free to take this opportunity to shamelessly promote your blogging and writing endeavors in a comment!

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  1. Oh my goodness, you HAVE been a busy bee this week! Way to go! Will check out all of your fabuloso posts. And keep on promoting lady – you are worth every last reader you can get!

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