When The Running Ain’t Easy

As a long time runner, I know there are going to be days when my legs feel like dead weight, when one mile feels like ten, and when the weather makes me want to stay in bed. Monday was one of those days.

The Bad and Ugly of Monday’s Run

  • My cold.
  • An almost flat right back tire on the stroller.
  • Rain.

The Good of Monday’s Run

  • My daughter’s peeling laughter as she ran beside me.
  • My daughter’s hand firmly holding onto my pants.
  • My daughter shouting, “This is fun!”
  • My daughter saying, “We both win,” as we finish our last lap around the track.
  • Remembering to bring along the rain shield for the stroller.
  • Sprinting through the rain.


Every time I go out there, I win. Every time I finish the task that I’ve set before myself, I win again. ~ David James Elliott, Actor

4 thoughts on “When The Running Ain’t Easy

  1. This is a quite lovely image. I can almost picture it and hear it in my head. I’m sorely wishing for laughter with my daughter. I’ll take the rain and the cold, if I could have these laughing together moments more often.

  2. I liked that there were more “goods” than “bads”.

    BTW, I saw a lady wearing a super cute giraffe costume today! Hee hee. A little birdie sent me a photo.

  3. This may sound strange, but I like that even experienced runners have bad days. And then figure out how to make the best out of them. Makes me as a new runner feel better.

    Just found your blog, thanks to Elana Johnson, and love that you run and write – new follower :)

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