WIML Weekend

Busy weekend!
Here’s a quick run-down:


13 mile run –
Very windy! I didn’t take my camera, so of course, I came across the perfect photo-op: a German Shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier playing together!

Monkey/Daddy Moments –

Ironing –
The one chore I despise! The only reason I bother is because it’s my husband’s dress pants and shirts for work.


6 mile run (easy)
Grocery Store
Crop Walk for Hunger (3.2 mile stroll with Monkey)
Confirmation/Church Conference

I was too busy moving from one activity to another to take any pictures on Sunday.

While I was at the Church Conference, Hubby and Monkey had a very interesting conversation, which Hubby was only too happy to record:

Daddy: “Let’s get a quick bath, Monkey. It will make Mommy happy when she gets home.”
Monkey: “Mommy can’t be happy. I gonna make her mad!” *insert evil laugh*

Notes on A Week in my Life –

While I’m not sure that my readers thoroughly enjoyed a glimpse into my ‘everyday’ routines, I’m so glad I took the time to capture the details of my day because I know that next year, everything will be different and I want to remember as many aspects of Monkey’s childhood as possible.

A special thank you to Melissa @ Adventuroo for the inspiration!

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