WIML Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesdays are ‘Wonderful’ around our house. This week was no exception, despite the pouring rain outside. From the middle of September until the week before Thanksgiving, our church hosts an evening meal followed by Bible studies for adults and programs for the children. My writing group, 1st Writes, started out as a Wednesday night Bible Study and we continue to meet on ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’. This is the first year that Monkey has been able to attend the Bible study for preschool children. She really looks forward to it!

So far she’s learned:

  • God wants her to help others.
  • God keeps his promises.
  • God keeps her safe.
  • She can do what God wants her to do. (I still need reminded of this Bible truth.)

Because of the rain, I took the day off from running. I normally do between 40 and 45 miles a week with two days off. One day a week I do a 30 minute free-weight workout and I do two yoga sessions a week as well. Today I did yoga, but didn’t get any pictures, which is a shame because Monkey likes to do it too and she’s pretty funny in her poses.

Before yoga, I posted Tuesday’s WIML and worked on my lesson for the 1st Writes meeting (It was my night to lead the group).

After yoga, I did some housecleaning. I vacuumed Monkey’s bedroom and mine before I realized that I had forgotten to put the canister back in the vacuum! This was my ‘duh’ moment of the day.

For supper, Monkey had peach cobbler -homemade? yes; made by me? no. Dessert was delicious and the main dish was very tasty. Our church is awesome because they take our vegetarianism into consideration and include a meatless option. Tonight’s veggie dish was quinoa salad, which I enjoyed, but Monkey did not.

After supper, Monkey ran around the fellowship hall as usual. Normally, there are other kids running around too, but Monkey finished early. I ran behind her trying to get some good pictures. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any really good shots.

I do love that last picture because her cheeks look especially squeezable!

During her Bible study tonight they watched Veggie Tales – Big River Rescue. Monkey is just starting to enjoy Veggie Tales. She and Zoey especially like watching Veggie Tales on the TV at the local Christian Bookstore.

After a quick bath, Monkey was ready for bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

For Thursday, I’m hoping to take more pictures and capture some Monkey/Daddy time.


This post is inspired by ‘Week in my life’ hosted by Melissa @ Adventuroo.

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  1. I think it is so wonderful that you write about your faith! It looks like your family is very active within your church. That is awesome! You wrote that your daughter is learning that “God keeps his promises,” and I think that is a wonderful thing for her to pick up on. Way to go, mama! Big hugs to you!

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