WIML Monday

I woke up to sunshine tickling my eyelids. Then I rolled over into a big wet spot. Apparently, Monkey’s pull-up sprang a leak. I groaned and pulled a pillow over my head.

Five seconds later, I heard, “Mommy, time to get up. The sun is up.” Then Monkey yanked the pillow off my head and leaned over me with a big grin -the kind of grin that makes me forgive her instantly for not sleeping in her own bed.

After a deep sigh, I got up, immediately stripped the bed and cleaned the mattress. When that was finished, I continued with my normal morning routine of making breakfast and tidying up the kitchen. As I was washing dishes, I heard Monkey say, “Oh, Dowo peed again.”

Again? I didn’t know he had peed before. Maybe she was playing? Nope. Not that lucky this morning; my thirteen year-old black cocker spaniel had peed in the living room in front of the couch -could have been once or twice. At that point, what did it matter?

In less than 30 minutes after waking up, I had cleaned up two pee spills. The absolute limit was one. Surely the day could only get better!

Thankfully, it did. The weather was beautiful –warm and sunny in the low 70s with no humidity. Monkey and I got in a decent run. I was slower than usual due to some pain in both knees -nothing too serious, just uncomfortable.

The multi-colored leaves snapped, crackled and crunched under my running shoes. We visited all of the groundhog’s houses; picked dandelions; looked for monsters and threw rocks in the water. Monkey ran one lap around the track with me and then sat in her stroller playing with her princess figurines (she brought 14 of them along today).

As she sat in her stroller, Monkey held a Belle figurine in her right hand and a tinier Belle figure in her left. She held up her right hand and said, “Oh, honey. I missed you.”

She lowered her right hand, raised her left hand and said, “Oh, I missed you too.”

She brought her hands together and the two Belles hugged while murmuring, “awww” and “I love you.”

This post inspired by Week in My Life hosted by Melissa @ Adventuroo.

3 thoughts on “WIML Monday

  1. I love the header you created! Oh I feel you with the pee. Little Roo has had wet PJs twice this week already– before that it’s been MONTHS since that happened.

    Anyway, loved how you captured the conversation your daughter had with the two Belles. So sweet!

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