Making Time to Write

Right now, my daily priorities are Monkey, running, and cleaning house. I try to get in blogging when I can and if I still have time at the end of the day, I write. I’d like to I need to make writing a priority over cleaning house. Ultimately, I’d like writing to be as essential to my day as running, but I need to break my strict and lengthy house-cleaning routine first. Maybe if I think about making time and write about making time, I might actually make time.

The irony is I started this blog as a way to make time for writing; unfortunately blogging is not a subcategory of writing -it’s in its own category. Blogging requires time and commitment apart from writing. Active bloggers –

  1. Respond to comments.
  2. Read other blogs.
  3. Reply to posts on other blogs.
  4. Research ways to grow and improve as a blogger.
  5. Reach out and connect with a community of other bloggers.

I need to find some way to organize my ‘blogging practice’ and ‘writing practice’ so that both are getting the attention they need, but not stealing time away from my family.

Here’s a typical day for me right now –

My meals and hubby have to share time with blogging (which I know is unfair) and I still don’t have time to reply to all comments, visit every blog I follow or leave many of my own comments. I will pick up some extra time when I no longer have to do any gardening, but that’s not until November. For the next couple of months I’ll actually have more work to do raking leaves, pruning and cleaning out flower beds.

Now I know why my mother never bothered with gardening. Any spare time she was lucky enough to get with 5 kids, she devoted to reading.

My goal right now is to figure out a daily schedule with writing as top priority and at least test it out.

How do blogging and writing fit into your daily schedule? Do you have a certain time during the day set aside? Can you write with your toddler playing at your feet? Do you blog and write only on certain days of the week or do a little bit everyday? Can you go a day without running the vacuum cleaner?

5 thoughts on “Making Time to Write

  1. Hi there
    Hope you are well. I am in your MG\YA group andmi just thought I would stop by and say hello. It’s taking me time to get around everybody as I am in two groups. Great blog btw.
    Eve xx

  2. Some interesting thoughts here. The importance you give to fitness is well evident in your daily routine. But how can you share blogging with the time for ur breakfast and time with ur hubby.
    I cannot blog when my kids are around. Need some time alone to compile my articles and I am not a regular blogger too. Some 2 to 3 blogs per month is all that i am able to post.

  3. Maybe if I look at writing as a business or as my ‘job’ I will give it a higher priority. It is my business, but it does not generate a steady paycheck so I tend to forget.

    After careful thought, I do need to separate blogging time and writing time.

  4. My schedule:
    Go to work (Walk during lunchtime.)
    Come home. Make dinner. Eat dinner.
    Help with homework. Blog/Write.
    Run child to lessons/scouts/etc.

    (I do not clean everyday. Only the dishwasher cleans every day. Once a week we do laundry and vacuuming. Notice I said “we”.)

    Don’t stress over your schedule.

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