Monkey’s First Story

During one of our runs last week, Monkey composed the following story:

Once upon a time, the sun turned me into a groundhog.

I went down the hole and was a mommy groundhog.

Then I came out of the hole and I was Monkey again.

The end.

Translated, but not embellished or edited in anyway by Monkey’s mommy.

Running often stimulates my creativity. If I had a brain recorder, I’d have multiple novels written by now! It’s good to see that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree and that running inspires Monkey’s creativity too!

9 thoughts on “Monkey’s First Story

  1. Monkey, I love groundhogs! They have such cute leathery hands that they use to hold apples while they eat them. Thank you for sharing your story. I really like it!
    Pam from church

  2. Love the monkey story, LOL! I almost always come up with creative inspiration while I’m running! Now if we could just record what our brains are thinking without having to stop in the middle of our run, we’d be in business!

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