Poetry Smoetry Part 1

I don’t consider poetry my strong suit. However, I’ve been known to dabble. Thanks to Writing with Shelley’s Poetry Schmoetry Blogfest, I’ve decided to go out on a limb and share some of my dabbles.

Falling Star


The sun is my sister.

The sky is our home.

Separately we reign.


The Earth is an alien.

A terrorizing image

of what could be…


An extraterrestrial

paradise of promises

for the future.


This lifetime is over.

I long to flee

all that is familiar.


I fall light years.

Triton trumpets my arrival.

An abyss awaits.


Homesick, I look to the sky.

Without a telescope,

how easy now to see –

How much brighter

the sun compared to me!

16 thoughts on “Poetry Smoetry Part 1

  1. I agree~very pretty, Brianna. I wonder if, when we pass from this life, like the star, we will say, “I long to flee all that is familiar.” I think in light of what awaits us with Jesus we will!

  2. I think we often see ourselves as incapable of something just because we don’t do it often, I think your poetry was beautiful and you shouldn’t doubt your abilities, though you may not be an expert. Do what you can and sometimes you’ll find yourself becoming more than you expected.

  3. Oooo, I REALLY liked the last stanza. I KNOW that I am far less bright than the sun, especially if you meant the Son. I get a little homesick as well.
    Thanks so much for participating! Your poem was lovely :)

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