Run Like A Princess

Monkey’s Guide To Running Like A Princess:

  • A princess runs in dresses, skirts or tutus – no shorts and definitely no sweats!
  • A princess favors pink in all clothing.
  • A princess wears running shoes as long as they are pink and sparkly.
  • A princess runs with one hand holding out her skirt as if she is Belle ball-dancing with the Beast.
  • A princess is free to take frequent rest breaks and be pushed by her mother/servant (is there a difference?) until she feels up to running again.
  • A princess is also free to interrupt a run with a spontaneous ballet recital of sorts.
  • A princess can add dancing at any point during a run.
  • A princess enjoys a short nap after a long run.

11 thoughts on “Run Like A Princess

  1. It all sounds quite reasonable I think. I especially like the frequent ballet recitals along the run. I can just picture people running along and stopping to break out in dance Bollywood style. 😉

    Very cute post!

  2. Wow! I have a lot to learn about being a princess! But, I must say the name “Princess Monkey” just isn’t working for me. LOL! But, then it is “Run Like a Princess”.

    This entry totally made me smile.

    Here would be my daughter’s entry for today:
    *Do I have to go?
    *I’m hot?
    *When can we leave?
    *There’s a bee on me!
    *I’m hungry.
    My day at the lake. :0)

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