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During the A-Z Challenge, I met a wonderful and inspiring woman named Sharon who blogs @ Grandma is a Writer. The story of her missing son, John, touched my heart and moved me deeply. At first I was not sure what to say in my comments to her posts because I worried about causing her more sorrow, but I needn’t have worried. Sharon’s faith has given her amazing strength and healing. She’s shared her story in the book – Aloha is Forever, which she is now giving away in honor of her son’s birthday Friday. He would be 34.

If you’d like the opportunity to win this book, please visit her blog for details.

3 thoughts on “A Book Giveaway

  1. Brianna,

    Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog. I’m sorry you didn’t win the book. We’ll do it again next year. By then we will hopefully have the sequel written. The current name of it is: Four Spiritual Tsunami’s that will Change the World. It’s based on the things we became aware of in the spiritual realm after losing our son. My husband is “stuck” right now on some of the research but our goal is to have it done by the end of 2011. Then we need to write our book about missions…”Go Ye Means Me” (subtitle: I Drove a Bank Robbery Getaway Car to the Mission Field.) Keep us in your prayers, please!

    Blessings! And BTW, I love the current look of your blog! You did a great job on it.

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