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I had hoped to post my race report for the Shad Bloom 10K I ran on Saturday, but I’m still trying to get everything settled after returning from our week-long getaway. I’m afraid that the race report will have to be postponed until next Monday.


My jogging stroller is great for the most part, except it doesn’t travel well. It takes up a lot of room so I didn’t take it to Block Island. This meant a week of running on my own. I’m not complaining; it was a fabulous week of long runs on sandy trails with ocean views. But I regretted not being able to share those views with my little monkey.

This morning I pulled the stroller out and brushed off a few cobwebs. I’m amazed how quickly spiders can make themselves at home! Monkey eagerly hopped in, so I could tell she’d missed running with me too. Of course, she’d had to bring a ‘few’ things, like every Disney Princess Barbie doll she has. I guess they needed a little fresh air!

Not quite a mile from our house is a track. Once we got there, I parked the stroller and unbuckled Monkey so she could get out and run ‘with’ me. I hadn’t tried that in while, but while we were on vacation, she started racing us along the path to the beach. She’d run ahead saying, “I’m going to win!” When she reached the end, she turned around and said, “Yay! You win!” to each of us as we finished. Winning is finishing what you set out to do. At least that is the lesson I hope Monkey was teaching.

Back home on the track, she ran along behind me. I ran an easy pace, but didn’t hold back to stay beside her. Occasionally, I jogged back to her and she was just running and smiling! Her breathing was heavy and I could tell she was really trying. I ran backwards to keep an eye on her and encourage her to keep it up, but then she tried to run backwards too! It seems like just yesterday she was learning to walk!

After one full lap, she ran a little and walked a little. Then she started running back and forth in the grass in the middle of the track. When I finished my laps, she was waiting for me in the stroller guzzling apple juice from her cup.

I buckled her up again and set off to continue the run. Surprisingly, Monkey talked the entire time! Usually she quietly observed her surroundings and eventually drifted off for a short nap. Not today. Today she carried on conversations with herself and gave me orders: “Faster. Stop. I wanna go down there. Stop bumping me. Hurry.” I have to admit I missed the usual quiet!

While off road on the run, we stopped at the creek, climbed down to the rocks, and took a moment to enjoy the view. I was sad to leave the beauty of Block Island, but there is plenty of beauty in my backyard. The creek flowed gently in front of us before falling into a faster current. Birds twittered and chirped and the insects buzzed and hummed.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked Monkey.

“Yes. Booteefull.”

I put my arm around her and pulled her close. “Do you see the water?”

She nodded.

“The trees? See how green they are?”

She looked up and around her.

“There are a lot of them aren’t there?”

She nodded again.

“God made them all.”

After such a profound statement I expected an “oooh” or an “awww”; instead, she said, “Let’s go.”

She just can’t sit still for long! So much for quality time soaking in the peace and beauty of nature. So much for quality time illuminating God’s greatness.

Oh well. I’m not deterred. She’s only three. She’s only just taken her first real ‘running’ steps. She’s just learning. One day she’ll sit, listen and ask questions. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to reinforce the joy of running and the greatness of God.

Start children off on the way they should go,
and even when they are old they will not turn from it (Proverbs 22:6 NIV).

7 thoughts on “Running with Monkey

  1. This is such a sweet post. First of all, she’s a wise girl realizing that we all win as long as we accomplish our goals, each at our own pace. Then, the running! How awesome that you two will be able to share that. As for the ending, hahahaha, it’s cute. I’m positive she’s listening close, but you’re right. They can only hang on for so long before they start getting antsy.

    Wonderful post and welcome back. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation too. :)

  2. A lovewly post to read and a good way to start educating the children the beauty of the world, …….It’s not all bad.
    I hope to resume my excercises in about a month as I had monor surgery last week to remove pre cancerous cells from my cervix, left untreated could have gone to the nasty stage,
    still have to have check ups but I must lose some weight,

  3. Welcome back, Bri! Missed you! Looking forward to tomorrow evening!
    Isn’t it amazing the things we learn from our kids? We always feel like we are teaching them but if we stop to think about it, like you have done, they teach us just as much. It was a blessing to read this first thing this morning. Have a blessed day!

  4. Like mama, like daughter! I loved your descriptions and your use of dialog. I feel like I was running there with you.

    Correction: 5th paragraph, 2nd sentence – should be “then” she started.

    The Write Soil

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